A happy wedding day might be difficult to imagine if you’re stressing about the wedding plans and all that goes into them. Your wedding day is supposed to be the most wonderful day of your life, so why is it always so stressful? Let these five tips be your guide to a happier, less stressful wedding day.

Getting married is an exciting and stressful time. They don’t have shows like “Bridezillas” for nothing! For some women, the stress is overwhelming. These five tips are designed to help you survive the day in style.

Happy Bride Tip 1

Every time you start to worry about whether or not you like the DJ, why your fiancé insists on doing the chicken dance, or how frustrated you are by your future mother-in-law’s constant criticizing, take a deep breath and think about how you plan to celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary. Ten years after the big day, you’re not going to be thinking about how embarrassed you were on the dance floor or how frustrated you were with your mother-in-law. You’re going to be thrilled she’s watching the kids while you and your husband escape for a weekend. Put it in perspective.

Happy Bride Tip 2

Everyone is going to have an opinion about everything. The truth of the matter is, though, that it is your wedding. You and your fiancé should have the ultimate say on the details. Where compromise is possible, do it. Where it’s not, learn how to say a firm “no thank you.” It’s good practice for all of the helpful opinions that will come with the first child.

Happy Bride Tip 3

Tact and diplomacy aren’t just for global peace; they help keep peace on a familial level as well. People want to feel like they are contributing to the day. While you may not want 15 bridesmaids, you might need someone to help seat guests, to encourage people to sign the guest book, or to take gifts as the guests arrive. Put your willing friends and family to work doing things that are important but won’t equate the cost of another gown or tux rental.

Happy Bride Tip 4

Quit worrying about the myths and legends and do what’s right for you. If taking photos before the wedding means your wedding album will be picture perfect, then by all means let your fiancé see you before the ceremony. And rain doesn’t mean bad luck; it means there’s a rainbow right around the corner. Happiness is all about how you choose to look at things (advice worth remembering after the wedding, too).

Happy Bride Tip 5

No matter how chaotic and busy things become, take one moment for just you and your fiancé on the day of your wedding. That moment will be something you cherish.

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