Getting Real with Shadra Bruce
With a little one in the house again, trick-or-treating is back on the agenda to celebrate Halloween. It’s been a long time since we’ve had to think about the weather (whether or not a coat would fit under a costume), but the safety issues that we practiced with our kids are just as valid (if not more so) for our granddaughter.

Make Sure Your Child Is Visible in the Dark

No matter what the costume is that your child is wearing, reflective material or tape should be used to make sure your child is visible to other trick-or-treaters and especially to cars. It can be difficult to see little witches and vampires without it.

Speaking of Cars…

Hold your child’s hand and look both ways before crossing the street. This is a great time to practice safety and show your child that even when you’re having fun in the pursuit of candy, you can do so safely.

Check the Candy

Of course you’re going to taste-test the candy, but before you do that, you should also visibly inspect each piece and throw away any that look like they’ve been punctured or unwrapped. And no matter how nice it seems, ditch the homemade treats.

Lights On

Only visit homes that have their porch lights on. It’s the standard sign of participation. And most municipalities have implemented rules that require convicted child molesters to keep their porch lights off.

Phones Down

It’s dark and you may be wandering unfamiliar areas. Put your phone down and keep an eye on your kids. It’s far too easy for them to disappear, wander off, or get taken if you’re not paying attention.

Halloween is fun with a little one in the house again…but as exciting as it is, a little precautionary safety measures are always a good idea.