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Planning a baby shower can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Throw into the mix your own children’s insatiable need for attention and you can see how the stress level can rise quickly. Keep the kids from stressing you out while planning an event, like a baby shower, by including them in the planning. Pre-teens and teenagers are often excited by the arrival of a new baby, and being included in the baby shower planning for a new sibling or relative can help them begin to form a bond before the baby is even born.

Ask for Their Input

Simply bossing your kid around in order to make your baby shower chore list shorter is not what we mean by including them. Sincerely show them you want to do this job together and you care about their ideas concerning the event. When you listen to their ideas and take them into consideration, you are conveying to them a sense of connection and importance that will help build their confidence and their respect for you as a parent.

Picture Hunt

Photos of the mom-to-be can add a special touch to a baby shower when they are used as part of the decorations. However, hunting for those photos is often time consuming. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram locating and obtaining pictures is much easier than it was in the past. And who knows Facebook and Instagram as well as your kid? Send your child on a picture hunt for photos of the mom-to-be during her pregnancy or pictures that are somehow related to her pregnancy.

Mommy Photo Collage

Let them assist in creating a photo collage of the pictures collected. A photo collage is a not only a cool decorative touch to the shower, but also becomes a cherished keepsake for the new parents. Your child will feel very special knowing that they were part of creating this lovely gift.

Shower Games

The best part of a baby shower is the games. You really can’t pick a bad baby shower game, so even the worst control freak could loosen up a little here, let their child pick a few games and be in charge of gathering materials. If you plan on having your child attend the shower as well, let them lead one of the games they helped put together. This feeling of inclusion will not only keep them occupied, but will also prove you trust them with a rather grown-up responsibility.

Baby Shower Favors

Another fun way to include the kids is to let them choose the favors and put them in charge of handing them out during the shower. You can help your child pick adorable baby shower favors at Party Pail. This is a great way to include a shy child in your event, because it will give them a chance to interact with others in a social setting, without being too overwhelmed.