Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I joke quite a bit about the not-so-satisfying aspects of motherhood. This shit is hard, ok? There’s something to be said about comedic relief. Although cleaning diarrhea of my floor isn’t my favorite activity, and I’m not the biggest fan of watching the same iconic Disney films every day, being a mom is the best job ever.

All the snuggles.
Seriously. Even my toddler who is usually too busy to cuddle is down for some snuggle time when she’s tired. My infant is also grade-A snuggler, so there’s always at least one child clinging to me. Sure, it can get exhausting, but my heart is SO full.

Helping hands.
My kids aren’t the best at folding laundry, despite being excellent at creating it, but there are things they can help me with. Like when my phone is across the room and I can’t be bothered to get up. My toddler knows where the snacks are, so I just ask her to bring me some and we share. If I drop something while holding her brother, my toddler is right there to snag it. It’s a lazy mom’s dream.

Unconditional love.
I don’t have to shower or do anything special for my kids to love me. As the giver of food and kisser of boo-boos, these kids are my biggest fans. They are the only people that I never feel like I have to impress, because they love me just the way I am. Thank goodness, because pants are lame.

Forever friendship.
If I do my job right, I’ll have these tiny humans forever. I hope that I can watch them grow into awesome adults, and I can’t wait to cheer them on every step of the way. I’m not always going to nail this parenting thing, but at the very least, my kids will know I tried my best.

There’s no manual for motherhood, but I know that there’s absolutely nothing I would rather do with my life than help raise these kids. Motherhood is a privilege, but I won’t refrain from making jokes. It comes in a total package that should be mocked and appreciated.