Getting Real with Shadra Bruce

Every generation complains about the younger ones about being entitled, spoiled, or incapable of taking care of themselves. It seems like there are more articles complaining about millennials than ones celebrating them. And now, Gen Z kids are graduating from college and entering the work force. What will the older generations say about them?

Kids of any generation can be self-sufficient but it requires parents who are willing to trust in and empower their children. These three tips can help raise kids that can take care of themselves.

Let Them Do What They Can

The lessons they learn early in life can really affect them later. Even when they are young, let them accomplish what they are capable of doing by themselves. For example, little ones can read themselves, brush their hair and, as they get a little bit older, bathe themselves. Encourage kids to take responsibility for themselves and have them learn new ways to take care of themselves. Let them help around the house and in the kitchen.

Encourage Responsibility

From homework to cleaning their own rooms to helping out around the house as part of the family, let your kids take on responsibilities. Even the youngest of children can help put toys away; older children can take full responsibility for chores around the home.  Teach your children to take responsibility for their actions by setting the example of being responsible for your own. This means doing the work you’re obligated to do, apologizing and acknowledging your own mistakes, and showing your kids how to be a responsible citizen in the community and world.

Encourage Financial Independence

Whether through an allowance or through a part-time job, teach your children financial responsibility and independence. Take them shopping with you so that they can see the value of money. Don’t buy them everything they want – make them earn it so that they make a connection between the time and energy it takes to make money and what that equates to in spending. Talk to them about economics – on a household level and at the level of city, state, and country.

Teaching your children to be responsible and self-reliant doesn’t mean abandoning them to their own devices. It requires a lot of dedication in your parenting efforts to raise responsible, empowered kids.

How do you teach your children to be self-sufficient?