Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I am a summer child. I despite winter and everything about it. I don’t enjoy snow, or cold, or skiing, or anything related to winter. It’s not fun. I don’t like sweaters or hot cocoa or curling up by the fire. I want a beach and ocean waves and the hot sun. And you know why? Because I am slowly losing. my. mind. The children are cagey. I’m cagey. And I know this winter isn’t even close to being over. I wasn’t even trying to be optimistic about the cold season, but this is ridiculous.

Here are the obvious signs winter is winning the war:

  1. You’ve lost all track of days of the week.
  2. You only leave the house when you’re out of groceries, and even then, cereal for dinner is acceptable.
  3. You don’t remember when anyone has showered last. Not you, not the kids, no one is clean. It’s fine, your sweat glands are frozen anyway.
  4. When you do shower, you change from one set of pajamas to another.
  5. The amount of allowed screen time is slowly increasing to avoid having to leave the house for a play date. Play dates = germs.
  6. Your hands are stained white from cleaning with straight peroxide.
  7. You will literally burn the house down if the kids get ANOTHER cold or virus. Let the germs have it.
  8. The house has been demolished by the kids and you have lost all motivation to pick up any more toys.
  9. You can no longer distinguish the clean pile from the dirty pile of laundry.
  10. The children have discovered new and creative ways to irritate you and each other.
  11. The amount of shoveling happening is close to equaling child labor.
  12. Snow in the forecast makes you want to puke.
  13. You decide that below freezing really isn’t that cold if the kids want to go out and play. Anything to get some fresh air and some space.