Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

I’m not a millionaire or even close, but for the last seven years, I’ve comfortably worked from home, supporting my family while maintaining a work-life balance that keeps me content. While I have my share of moments where I wonder if my good fortune will continue, I know that achieving success takes time, effort, and integrity. (Unless you’re a big bank, then you can just swindle people out of money to get rich).

These are my 10 rules for achieving success, ones that I use in my credibility, branding, and visibility services for my clients, and ones that I use in all of my other efforts as well.

10 Rules for Achieving Success in Life

#1 – Play twice as hard as you work. Work hard.

#2 – Do not focus on the destination without fully experiencing each step of the journey there.

#3 – Step out of the spotlight and let others shine sometimes.

#4 – Learn how to say no.

#5 – Failure is not a detour from success but part of the journey to it.

#6 – You must believe in what you do. If you don’t, you need to change what you do.

#7 – Never be afraid to admit your mistakes. Then learn from them.

#8 – Never stop learning, never stop seeing the world with fresh perspective.

#9 – Be humble enough to realize there’s always someone better than you. Use knowledge not as threat but as opportunity

#10 – Help others along the way … without expecting anything in return.

What would you add to the list? How do you measure success in your life?