Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Did you know that there are comfort foods that are also good for you – foods that you can turn to in time of need without feeling guilty for bottoming out a bag of potato chips? When I need a feel good comfort food, these are the ones I turn to:

1.  Turkey: There’s a reason you want to take a nap after Thanksgiving dinner besides overeating. Turkey is a great cure for insomnia and very low-fat.

2.  Oranges: If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, peel an orange. From an aromatherapy standpoint as well as through consumption of the orange itself, you can lower stress and anxiety while eating a delicious sweet & juicy treat filled with vitamins.

3. Dark chocolate: No cheating, as this is also on my “12 superfoods everyone should eat” list, but dark chocolate is great for depression.

4. Pretzels: When you need a salty crunchy munchy without the fat and guilt that comes from potato chips, grab a handful of pretzels – they have no fat and quickly resolve feelings of stress and anxiety.

5. Bananas: Bananas are filled with potassium, making them perfect for your post-workout refuel and offer quick energy any time of day.

6. Carrots: Need a mid-afternoon energy boost? Grab a handful of baby carrots. These little guys are full of antioxidants, a perfect grab-n-go snack, and just what you need to get through the last bit of your day, whatever it holds.

7. Dried cherries: Feeling bloated, off your game, or just a little off-kilter? Grab a handful of dried cherries, or better yet, toss them into a small cup of vanilla yogurt (my favorite is Dannon Light & Fit). Cherries are great for reducing inflammation, making them an excellent addition to your diet.

8. Popcorn: Another salty crunchy munchy favorite, popcorn only works if you avoid the oil-laden microwavable nasties and go for good old fashioned air-popped. Great for preventing strokes.

9. Hot chocolate: Warm up, fulfill your craving for a sweet treat, and get an energy boost. Just be sure what you’re choosing to drink is really hot chocolate and not just powdered, flavored sugar.

10. Green tea: Considered a heart-healthy concoction than can aid in weight loss, green tea is my favorite afternoon comfort food, getting me through the roughest days.