Find Inner Peace With Meditation Moods with Dean & Dudley Evenson

MomsGetReal is declaring this year to be the year every mom takes a few more minutes each day for herself. As moms, we all tend to get caught up in the roles we play – nurturers, chauffeurs, CFOs, caretakers (to more than just our kids!). We sometimes forget to be individuals.

So this year, we think every mom should carve ten minutes out of the day for mind clearing. Meditation. Me-time. Whatever you want to call it, carve out for yourself a 10-minute escape from everything (including the Internet, cell phone, tablet, and other digital devices that keep you bogged down).

There are proven benefits from taking even ten minutes a day for quiet meditation, including the physically measurable result of lower blood pressure, as well as providing your body with a better mechanism for handling and reducing stress, improving your overall sense of well-being, and even improving your ability to sleep at night. All those benefits in 10 little minutes.

You are worth it.

And when you take that ten minutes and it starts turning into ten minutes of thinking about what you should be doing, making grocery lists in your head, or otherwise not being able to shut out the noise of the day, you’re going to do one more thing: push play.

When you need a little help toning down the busy-ness in your mind, Dean and Dudley Evenson are creating peace inducing, beautiful music that can help you escape.

Meditation Moods is one of many beautiful collections of music available from Soundings of the Planet. Incorporating sounds of nature with peaceful music created with flutes, harps, keyboards, and singing bowls.

The music the couple creates provides an escape from the pressures of life that works better than a massage (although they have had their music recommended by and allows you to literally float off into a relaxing space and discover the magic of utter escape.

I was provided a copy of the CD  in order to offer my honest review. 

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Tackling Life’s Stresses Naturally with Mae’s Healing Guidance

Are you ignoring your body talk?

 The body, according to Marjorie Mae, is trying to tell us something. It’s determining what that something is that helps us make better choices in living healthy.

“Our job is to listen and recognize what is being communicated,” says Mae.

  • I need water
  • I need nutrition
  • I need rest
  • I need exercise
  • My back & knees hurt – I need to lose weight
  • I am hurting emotionally – my heart is broken
  • My liver is a toxic waste dump

How do we become overloaded in our bodies? That’s one of the first questions Marjorie Mae asks in her book, Consider Your Ways. Dedicated to helping people – especially moms – improve their health naturally, Marjorie Mae takes you through 22 “Healing Rooms” tackling everything from detoxification to ridding our households of the toxins that are killing us, Mae presents an astounding resource for living a healthier, happier life.

Each healing room offers up well-researched and documented information about the physical, chemical, and mental harms that “debit” our bodies’ health accounts. But Mae does not just lament the problems we face; she provides real solutions, including an entire section dedicated to suggested alternatives for the everyday household products we use that introduce toxins into our lives and the lives of our children.

A companion to the book is Mae’s Healing Recipes, a cookbook full of delicious meal and dessert ideas that don’t require you to eat cardboard flavored rice cakes to make healthy choices. My favorite so far is the Turkey and Mango burgers – I love being able to eat healthy foods that taste good!

Marjorie Mae doesn’t just write about it, though. She has also developed four loose leaf teas designed to address specific health issues: Red Raspberry and Lemon Balm for a natural sleep remedy; Hawthorn & Passion Flower Tea for circulation and heart health; Oregon Grape Root & Periwinkle  as a digestive aid; and Sassafras Root Bark Tea for skin conditions and for those trying to quit smoking.

Marjorie Mae is an expert in heath coaching, speaking and teaching natural remedies and foods that heal and promote health. Mae is passionate about enlightening, encouraging, energizing, and empowering all of us to take the journey to better health. Visit Mae’s Healing Rooms for more information.

I was provided a copy of the book, recipe book, and teas in order to offer my honest review. 

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No Excuses – With Care4Hire, You Have Time for You

Finding a sitter can be tough, but without someone you can trust to leave your kids with now and then, you lose a little piece of your soul. I know – I live in a rural area where there is not a lot of choices for sitters and have a unique situation with a special needs child and two younger children that make it impossible to hire just any teen from the local high school to provide occasional respite. We have traditionally – unfairly or not – relied mostly on our daughter. Now that she is away at college, we’re forced to consider the possibility of someone new. It’s not easy. makes it easier, though. offers a variety of services to help moms – from finding a trustworthy babysitter to finding someone to come help clean the house on a regular basis. is an online family and caregiver database providing babysitters, housekeepers, tutors, pet sitters, elder/companion care and other services for people in the United States and Canada.

The service is easy to use; you simply register and create a profile. You can then search through the listings for your area for the services you need. While there are not a lot of service providers in my small town (Bath, population 5,000) I was pleasantly surprised at the number of sitters, housekeepers, and tutors registered within a reasonable distance. In larger towns and cities, the service works even better. companies are used regularly by Dr. Phil for his guests! is a matchmaking service, but they do not provide the screening. It is up to you to vet the potential service providers to ensure that they will meet your needs. While the service has a monthly fee (with discounts for an annual membership), they do offer a free 7-day trial to make sure the service is right for you.

In addition to daycare and housekeeping, also offers you the ability to find tutors, pet care, house sitters, and miscellaneous services. provided me with access to their membership site to allow me the ability to conduct an adequate review of their services.

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No Excuse, Sit Stretch Smile Makes Yoga Accessible

Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Yoga intimidates me. Snug, revealing clothing. On the floor in positions that I haven’t been able to do since I was 20. Ridiculous need for flexibility.

Yet Yoga draws me, too. The peace and tranquility that are associated with the practice. The increased flexibility and mental clarity that come from it.

But you won’t find me heading to a studio anytime soon to humiliate myself in front of the “skinny” girls. No way.

Thankfully, Dr. Howie Shareff came along and created Sit Stretch Smile.

Not only is it Yoga for true beginner, but it is Yoga that can be done from a chair – a much less intimidating prospect than the floor pretzel.

Sit Stretch Smile by Dr. Howie Shareff is a clearly written, easy to understand and follow book about learning Yoga exercises that improve your health and flexibility, help you manage pain, and achieve a less-stressed state – from a chair. All of the exercises are designed to be done from a chair, with a serious focus on breathing and slow, conscious movements.

The book is accompanied by a DVD in which many exercises are clearly demonstrated from a variety of views, making it easy to ensure that you’re maintaining the right posture and performing the exercises adequately.

No one disputes the value of Yoga as a form of meditative exercise that improves the mind, the body, and the spirit. Dr. Shareff simply makes Yoga accessible to those of us who, for whatever reason, have been less than willing to embrace the benefits Yoga offers. From the privacy of your own home, with the only prop being a chair that lets you put your feet flat on the ground, you can now experience the fabulous benefits of Yoga yourself.

Dr. Shareff achieved certification as a Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher in 2008. He’s advancing his studies under the mentorship of Cindy Bulka at Moving Mantra Yoga Studio in Raleigh, N.C. In 2010, Dr. Shareff re-established his business as the non-profit organization, You Call This Yoga, to facilitate public education of the benefits and practice of gentle Adaptive Yoga programs. In 2011, Howie received Level 1 certification as a Restorative Yoga Teacher from Judith Lasater RYT, PT. For more information about Dr. Shareff and to purchase his books and materials, please visit his website.

I was provided a copy of this book in order to offer my honest review. 

Dr. Shareff has generously offered to give a copy of his book and DVD to one of our lucky MomsGetReal fans as part of our New Year, New You Event.

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