Tackling Life’s Stresses Naturally with Mae’s Healing Guidance

Are you ignoring your body talk?

 The body, according to Marjorie Mae, is trying to tell us something. It’s determining what that something is that helps us make better choices in living healthy.

“Our job is to listen and recognize what is being communicated,” says Mae.

  • I need water
  • I need nutrition
  • I need rest
  • I need exercise
  • My back & knees hurt – I need to lose weight
  • I am hurting emotionally – my heart is broken
  • My liver is a toxic waste dump

How do we become overloaded in our bodies? That’s one of the first questions Marjorie Mae asks in her book, Consider Your Ways. Dedicated to helping people – especially moms – improve their health naturally, Marjorie Mae takes you through 22 “Healing Rooms” tackling everything from detoxification to ridding our households of the toxins that are killing us, Mae presents an astounding resource for living a healthier, happier life.

Each healing room offers up well-researched and documented information about the physical, chemical, and mental harms that “debit” our bodies’ health accounts. But Mae does not just lament the problems we face; she provides real solutions, including an entire section dedicated to suggested alternatives for the everyday household products we use that introduce toxins into our lives and the lives of our children.

A companion to the book is Mae’s Healing Recipes, a cookbook full of delicious meal and dessert ideas that don’t require you to eat cardboard flavored rice cakes to make healthy choices. My favorite so far is the Turkey and Mango burgers – I love being able to eat healthy foods that taste good!

Marjorie Mae doesn’t just write about it, though. She has also developed four loose leaf teas designed to address specific health issues: Red Raspberry and Lemon Balm for a natural sleep remedy; Hawthorn & Passion Flower Tea for circulation and heart health; Oregon Grape Root & Periwinkle  as a digestive aid; and Sassafras Root Bark Tea for skin conditions and for those trying to quit smoking.

Marjorie Mae is an expert in heath coaching, speaking and teaching natural remedies and foods that heal and promote health. Mae is passionate about enlightening, encouraging, energizing, and empowering all of us to take the journey to better health. Visit Mae’s Healing Rooms for more information.

I was provided a copy of the book, recipe book, and teas in order to offer my honest review. 

FTC Disclosure.


The Nature of Women – Inspired Understanding

Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

I’ve been gearing up for what I planned to be THE BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR on MomsGetReal. And then my daughter came home from college for Christmas break. And then my son, who has not been home for three years, came home from the Army for a couple of weeks. And then the younger kids went on break from school. And then, I got sick. I’m still trying to decide if the antibiotics are slow-moving or if the lung is just determined to cough its way out of my body.

So my big plans to have a NEW YEAR, NEW ME have gone all awry. Instead of losing more weight, I gained some back. Instead of spending extra time with the kids, I learned that adult children don’t mind coming home to eat your food and mooch for a while but really don’t care to spend time with parents. And, thanks to a long lasting cold-turned-bronchitis, I have been less than my usual productive self, with a list of to-dos that keeps piling up.

I could quite easily become depressed, stressed, and uber pressured. I was going to start skipping my carefully carved out exercise time that I’ve just recently reclaimed to make up for my slow start. I was feeling like I was drowning, or failing, or both.

But right now, I’m feeling ok. A good reason for why I’m feeling ok is that I am reading a book that has managed to penetrate my often too-stubborn to hear what’s good for me skull and have an impact. 

And, I think that EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ the book too. This year – no – this MONTH.

BURDENS DO A BODY GOOD: Meeting Life’s Challenges with Strength (and Soul) by Michele Howe and Dr. Christopher A. Foetisch.

Michele Howe writes with compassion and understanding. She doesn’t preach or set unrealistic high expectations. She simply recognizes the many challenges women face in the way they move through life and the world, internalizing problems, sacrificing their well-being for the good of others, and sometimes falling into depression, hopelessness, or resentment because of it.

Reading her book has lifted my spirits, helped me let go of my stress, and allowed me to forgive my own imperfections, of which there are many.

Each chapter of the book covers a different “burden,” from the everyday small things like having to wait longer than expected for an appointment to the bigger-than-life things like losing a loved one. Each burden is acknowledged and embraced, and then Howe provides solid takeaways and positive ideas women can use to survive and thrive. In addition, Howe’s co-author, Dr. Foetisch provides medical perspective, advice, and reasoning for the burdens women experience and work through.

I am personally grateful that Michele Howe asked me to include her book in our New Year, New You event. Not only has reading it been a comfort to me but I am confident that women of all ages and faiths will find inspiration within its pages.

The book is available on Amazon as well as Kindle.

Thanks to Michele Howe’s generosity, MomsGetReal will also be giving away a copy of the book to one lucky reader.

I was provided a copy of this book in order to offer my honest review. 

FTC Disclosure.

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MomsGetReal Welcomes 2012 with a Whimper and a Cough

Thanks to the wonderful community we’re building here, MomsGetReal has already logged two great discussions for 2012, one from Kathy Winn talking about the couch as the best location for celebrating New Year’s Eve, and one from Jennifer Poole talking about the importance of choosing a medical proxy – something you need to do even if you’re young and healthy (thanks, Jessica!).

This is not, however, how things were supposed to roll out this year. We were supposed to launch the year with a great big exciting NEW YEAR, NEW YOU event…and I have lots of fabulous products and giveaways to share with you in that realm.

But first, I have to finish recovering from my almost-had-pneumonia bronchitis, which is doing it’s best to do me in.

So, our NEW YEAR, NEW YOU event may run into February, but that’s ok, because the chocolate month could use a bit of our self-improvement help, I’d think.

I’m going to go sip some more green tea and listen to my husband when he says it’s time to stop working…but stay tuned! From herbal teas to chair yoga to post-partum exercise DVDs designed to help you regain your flat stomach (what IS that, any way?!), we have great stuff to share with you.

Next week.

If I haven’t coughed up a lung by then.