For all the joys of getting married, there’s no denying that the planning stages can get a little hectic, to say the least. There’s not only an endless selection of decisions to be made, for most, there’s also a strictly limited time frame within which to make them.

Should you find yourself dreaming of the perfect wedding, and you’d rather not lose your mind in the process, here are ten surprisingly common mistakes that are well worth trying to avoid.

Trying to fit into the Dress

Most brides would like nothing more than to drop a few pounds before the big day. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a pre wedding diet, trying to motivate yourself with a dress that’s a size too small is, more often than not, a recipe for disaster. Wedding planning is stressful enough without throwing forced starvation into the mix. Choose a dress that you can fit into today, not in a few months from now.

Not Interviewing the Photographer

There’s more to hiring a wedding photographer than portfolios and pricing. There’s also the small matter of personality to consider. The more comfortable you are around your photographer, the better the resulting photos will be. And do you really want to spend the happiest day of your life being photographed by somebody that you don’t like? Interview all potential candidates and choose someone who genuinely puts you at ease.

Booking the Venue before the Guest List

Most wedding venues have strict limits regarding just how many guests you can invite. Booking a venue before you’ve finalised the guest list can therefore prove to be a major mistake. It’s also worth noting that guest lists tend to get bigger, not smaller. To avoid awkward conversations, limit yourself to venues with more than enough space.

Partying the Night Before

Stag parties and hen parties have long been a popular wedding tradition. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with having one last night on the town, that last night shouldn’t be the one before your wedding day. The only thing worse than a drunk bride is a hung over one.

Being Unclear About Speeches

If you don’t want to sit through scotch inspired speeches on your wedding day, make this fact clear well in advance. If you make your wedding ceremony an open mic night, you only have yourself to blame for the resulting embarrassment. Drunk wedding guests aren’t exactly known for their eloquence, or tact.

Thinking it’s All About the Bride

Just because your groom doesn’t care about floral arrangements and wedding cake flavours, that doesn’t give you the right to run the entire show. Chances are he cares very much about other decisions such as the band, honeymoon location and exactly who does and doesn’t make it onto the guest list. Resist the urge to become bridezilla.

Hiring Talented Friends

In an effort to cut costs, a talented friend can seem like an excellent alternative to an expensive professional. Unfortunately however, professionals are usually expensive for a reason. Professional wedding snaps require more than an expensive camera. And there’s a big difference between baking a cake and baking a wedding cake. If the results matter, stick to professionals.

Skipping the Rehearsal

At first glance, a wedding rehearsal might seem like an optional formality. Unfortunately however, this is a mistake that has lead to many, many regretful brides. The purpose of a wedding rehearsal is to make sure that everyone understands both what they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do it. It’s also designed to ensure that any inevitable problems happen before the ceremony, rather than during it.

Starting Married Life in Debt

When faced with something shiny that you cannot afford, the correct answer is always no. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your wedding to be perfect, but no wedding is worth starting your married life in debt. Try to deal with unexpected costs by making sacrifices elsewhere. And before you blow your budget on a change of plans, ask yourself whether or not the change is really necessary. In most cases, it’s not.

Losing Perspective

Finally, there’s the small matter of perspective, it’s important that you try to keep it. And when you find yourself having panic attacks over flowers, it’s important to realise that you’ve lost it. Your wedding day, while obviously important, is just that, a single day in your life. And while the ceremony going off without a hitch would obviously be preferable, isn’t your choice of groom ten times more important?

Today’s guest post contributor is Jamieson Dean, a prominent name for wedding photography in Toronto. Uniqueness is what he looks for whenever he intends to click pictures. Apart from photography, his other interests include swimming, reading novels and hiking.
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