MomsGetReal Guest Contributor Andraea Campbell

When couples marry, they plan to stay together and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Even though couples enter their marriages with the best intentions, trouble can still exist. Sadly, just about half the couples married today will spit up and divorce. The mental and financial strain of divorce is stressful on couples. Below are five things you should consider when going through a divorce.

Keep Quiet

Protecting Kids During Divorce
Protecting Kids During Divorce

When you divorce, keep your business quiet. Everyone talks to family and friends to have an outlet, but they may also interpret your talk as a cry for help and mention this to your spouse. This would not be a great idea if you plan on having an amicable divorce. If your marriage has ended, your spouse needs to hear the news from you. Never tell your spouse until your plans are in order.

Keep Emotions in Check

The state of your finances can affect your emotions when going through a divorce. The better off your financial state is, the better your emotional state will be. When you let your spouse know that the marriage is over, you must be prepared that they will walk out the door. Consider if you are financially prepared for your spouse to leave when you tell them you are divorcing.

The Children

Keep in mind that your children are always watching you. It is always best to be nice to your spouse because your children are watching your interactions. Think about when and how you will tell the children about your divorce. The best way to do this is both parents telling the kids together. If the parents are cordial to each other, the kids will feel more comfortable about the divorce.

 Save Money

Have enough money saved for at least six months when going through a divorce. Running one household is a lot cheaper than running two. Calculate how much it costs for you to live every month. Have a plan in place to meet those expenses on your own. It is recommended you have at least one credit card that is in your name solely, and pay off any joint debt that you can. Remember that your spouse might not commit to maintain any joint credit cards after a divorce, and it could affect your credit rating. A person’s credit rating is usually the first casualty when a marriage is ending.

Get an Attorney

Hiring an attorney is one of the first things you should do. Having the best legal advice you can is very important when going through a divorce. A divorce is the beginning of a new living situation and life for you. Making sound decisions will influence your life for years down the road, and a good family law attorney can help you make those decisions.


Andraea Campbell is a freelance writer from Kahuku Hawaii. She enjoys writing, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, and being outside in general. Andraea is also divorced and knows how hard that can be. She wrote this article on behalf of a family law attorney in Milwaukee,  one of a few legal services she recommends.