Getting Real With +Shadra Bruce, Owner of +MomsGetReal

Nobody likes talking about it, but those of us who have bodies that were more likely to be popular when Rubens was alive and painting sometimes have challenges that our thin friends rarely face.

Raise your hand if you’ve strayed away from shirts that button because you can’t escape the gap. Or you seek shirts that are on the longer side so as to avoid emphasizing the parts of you that don’t fit the current media’s vision of “perfection” (i.e., flat bellied).

Whether you’re well-endowed or carrying a few extra pounds that create a “dunlop” effect, you often have to deal with sweaty areas of your body beyond the armpits. Unless you want to go through a container of deoderant each week trying to cover all the areas that might cause you embarrassing odor or skin irritation, you probably have just learned to live with the problem.

Pambra’s bra and tummy liners offer a fabulous solution for women who need to protect their skin or control odor in places that don’t often see the light of day. Designed to protect delicate skin from irritation while providing a perspiration solution, the Pambra bra and tummy liners are a great solution for long, hot, sweaty July road trip days.

The liner fits comfortably under the seam of the bra or in the crease under the belly. The soft, moisture-wicking material keeps you feeling cool and comfortable, protects from the irritation of a rubbing bra strap, and protects skin that would otherwise be irritated from the heat and sweat.

The liners are washable and reusable, made of 100% cotton with a 65/35 cotton/poly lining. Pambra’s suggests washing the liners prior to use to soften them and that the area being covered, either under the belly or under the bra, be washed and dried prior to using the liner.

Pambra’s also makes special liners for masectomy patients.

Pambra’s liner product was provided to MomsGetReal so that we could provide an honest and thorough review. You can review the official MomsGetReal FTC policy here.