One of the toughest parts about moving cross country is protecting your most precious – and often your most expensive – possessions. These are the items that don’t easily fit in boxes and are not easy to replace. Frame Destination solves the problem with an amazing product developed by Andrew Darlow: the GalleryPouch. The GalleryPouch is a custom-made, heavyweight bubble bag available with or without a Velcro closure.


loading picture in gallerypouchWhen I first received the GalleryPouch bags that sent me to evaluate, I thought they were just bubble wrap in the form of bags, but they are not. They come in a number of different sizes, the bubbles are sturdy enough that you cannot easily pop them, and you can reuse them many, many times. Given that this is our fourth cross country move, having reusable packing materials is handy.

loading picture in gallery pouchThere are so many things I like about GalleryPouch that it is difficult to know where to begin.

  • You can see through them, so you know what you have inside.
  • They are super sturdy – I rolled the empty bags and kept them in a drawer in my filing cabinet until I was ready to use them, and they came out looking untouched
  • They give me confidence that the stuff I load on the truck will actually be protected
  • The bags are so versatile. In addition to protecting artwork and other awkwardly shaped items, they are great for laptops, tablet computers, video games that kids use in the car, and digital frames.
  • The GalleryPouch bags are waterproof
  • They store very well when not in use, either flat or rolled up
Picture in GalleryPouchThey are plastic bags, and like any other plastic bags, care needs to be taken if they are left around very small children. Child safety warnings come on the instructions that come with each bag.
clock in gallerypouchWhen you order more than one bag, pricing decreases per bag, and when you order 10 or more, you generally get about a 15-20% discount. Even if you’re not moving, GalleryPouch bags are awesome for camping and other outdoor activities. We even used one to protect our mantle clock.
clock in gallery pouchConsider using them for:
digital frame in gallerypouch – Binoculars
– Tripods
– Cameras and camera lenses
– Golf clubs (you can keep one or two in the back of a car, as they are almost completely flat when not in use
– They serve as a good underlay/mat to help keep things clean and dry, whether you’re sitting on a park bench or out for a picnic where the grass is damp
Kindle in GalleryPouch– Kneeling in the garden – cushion, protect, and keep your knees dry when weeding and gardening
I am so glad to have discovered Frame Destination and Gallery Bags – I am much more confident that my possessions will make the 2,400 mile journey safely!


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