Anika is only 8, but because a couple of her cousins and other female members of the family were early bloomers when it came to “girl stuff” – I decided to have a talk with her about boobs, hair, and periods. All went well until we got to the periods, at which point, I decided I was the most horrible mother on earth.

When Anika discovered there would eventually be regular bleeding involved in her life, she became inconsolably hysterical. I mean an out of this world, nothing I could do to fix it mess. We finally had to make an emergency call to sissy up at Buffalo State, interrupt her cheer practice, and get her on the phone with Anika. It basically took the entire cheer team to reassure Anika that life with periods would be worth living.

Mistake #1: maybe Anika wasn’t old enough, but with other family members starting at age 9, I didn’t want it to be a surprise.

Mistake #2: I had not yet heard of The Dot Girl First Period Kit.

The Dot Girl First Period Kit was created to protect young girls (and their mothers) from the distress of a first period and empower them instead.

Terri Goodwin and Kathy Pickus created Dot Girl Products in 2006. Their discovery stemmed from their own awkward experiences and a vow to help transform a terrifying experience into a step into womanhood.

I truly love what they’re doing to make a difference in the lives of girls.

They recognize that many parents may not be able to communicate effectively to their daughters this wonderful rite of passage. The Dot Girl First Period Kit not only strengthens and reassures young girls but it allows parents to provide information that they might not have had access to.

The First Period Kit comes equipped with everything a girl needs for her first period, all contained in a fashionable yet discreet carrying bag small enough to travel anywhere.

The most vital item inside the First Period Kit is the Period Answer Book. It answers 20 common questions about periods and explains everything a girl needs to know in a simple form and positive tone. Important questions such as “What is a period anyway?” and “When will I get my first period?” are addressed to ensure that young girls are as prepared as possible for this transitional day.

This clever kit comes with the proper amenities: five feminine pads, five disposable bags, two hand wipes, and the Dot Girl Warm Pad. This warm pad is a reusable gel heating pad that is perfect for soothing those annoying cramps. This kit can be refilled and reused over and over again to guarantee that a young girl is always prepared, even after her first period.

A girl’s first period can be a genuinely upsetting experience if she is not fully aware of the changes her body is undergoing (and even before). The Dot Girl First Period Kit is an essential product dedicated to provide girls with a positive experience that will help transition them into womanhood gracefully. The creators of this amazing product were not prepared for this significant day. It is their hopes that through the First Period Kit young girls can approach this inevitable day with confidence.

Dot Girl  provided me with a First Period Kit so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.

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  1. I would love to have a Dot Girl kit for my first daughter, who is entering 6th grade. I started early, early and I don’t want it to be so traumatic for her. She already knows the basics–which I did NOT–but I think it would be so great for her to have this little kit to take to school. Way to go, Dot Girls!

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