While the classic college road trip is an idea embedded in popular culture, road trips do not have to be for college students only. In fact, a road trip can make a great vacation for families. Not only is it something new, but it is inexpensive and easy to plan. If you are looking for your next vacation idea, consider a road trip that the whole family can partake in. The following tips will help you make sure your kids stay safe and entertained along the way.

Get Your Kids Involved

To make your kids excited for the upcoming trip, let them in on the planning process. Give them a say as to where you will go on your road trip. Since you will make many stops along the way, you can accommodate your children’s wishes, as well as yours, when it comes to determining what places to visit. The more involved they feel, the more excited they will be about the vacation.

Drive Safe

make the roadtrip family friendlyIt is impossible to know what may happen on the road, so you should prepare beforehand in case of any potential emergencies. Make sure your car is in good shape by having your oil, wipers, and brakes checked before the trip. Also consider signing up for a motor club, which not only has great discounts and information on travel, but offers roadside assistance in case your car breaks down or you run into trouble.

Bring Snacks and Activities

While your kids will love visiting the destinations you have chosen, the time spent in the car between each new place can be frustrating. To keep your kids occupied and happy, bring some snacks for between meals. Water bottles, juice boxes, fruit snacks, and granola bars are a few essential items to have on hand that will not go bad if left in the car. Make sure to pack some activities too. Buy a few travel-sized games to bring along, or even make a trip to the toy store so that your kids can pick out a game they will be really excited about.

Help Your Kids Learn

Whether you visit a local place or somewhere far away, your trip can be as educational as it is fun. A road trip is a great way to teach your kids about some of the well-known landmarks in your area. They will learn about local history and more about the place they live in. If you are visiting somewhere far however, a national park or other national landmark will help them learn about some of the places the country is known for.

Get Directions

Whether you prefer a GPS or a traditional map, it is important to be familiar with your route before you get in the car. Having some idea of where you are at all times will give you perspective should you make a wrong turn along the way. With children in the car, the last thing you want to do is increase travel time by getting lost on your route.

A road trip can be more than just a college adventure – it can be something for the whole family to enjoy. Save money on your next getaway by planning a family road trip, and you will have one of your best vacations yet.

Lindsay T. often writes blogs about travel on behalf of Allstate Motor Club, an auto club that provides emergency roadside assistance and a variety of other travel services. Visit Allstate Motor Club for more on travel deals, driving resources, and membership information.

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