Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

When my son was born, I went to the same doctor that my sister took her kids to. Her twins had only been born six weeks earlier, but she’d already had occasion to rave about how wonderful the doctor was. And oh, how I loved her.

She was a mom.

And she was a doctor.

I implicitly trusted that she was guiding me through the challenges I was facing with my newborn son with her heart as much as she was with her training. She treated my son for his first 18 months, until we moved to New York. While we’ve had great doctors since, there was really no one quite like her, and there were many times as I was desperately trying to survive the toddler years that I wanted to call her for advice.

I no longer have infants or even toddlers, as my two remaining under-18 kids are now 10 and 13. I’m dealing with things like, “Why can’t I have a cell phone?” and “I need new clothes” and “Do I have to clean my room?”

Mommy MD GuidesOf course, these years come with their own moments of fright and frustration, but as I was reading through the Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years, I realized how very glad I was not to still be in that stage. And while I do believe that teenagers are just bigger toddlers, complete with meltdown temper tantrums, the worries that parents have when the kids are toddlers are tough to deal with.

  • Should I take him to the doctor?
  • What IS that rash?
  • Why won’t she potty train?
  • When should I take him to the dentist?
  • Does that earache need antibiotics?
  • What foods can I introduce to my toddler?

How nice it would have been to have a book written by MOMS WHO ARE ALSO DOCTORS to guide me through those moments.

Lucky for you, Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH, and Jennifer Bright Reich launched Momosa Publishing LLC in 2009. They are the women responsible for the Mommy MD Guides book series and the resources at and, featuring tips that Mommy MD Guides (doctors who are also mothers) and Daddy MD Guides (doctors who are also fathers) use for their own families.

They sent me their newest book, The Mommy MD Guide for the Toddler Years, and I’ve been impressed with how comprehensive the advice is. Everything you need to know about raising toddlers, from head to toe and inside and out, you’ll find in this book.

This book was provided to me for review purposes.