Getting Real With Tiana Green

I often wonder to myself if I am too strict with my children. Is 13 old enough to have a Facebook page? I suppose that it depends on the maturity level and trustworthiness of the child in question but in my opinion, even maturity can’t block the temptation that the world of social networking can open up for a young person.

Recently I found out that my daughter had made a Facebook page secretively. Thankfully, she had not posted any pictures of herself or anyone else, but she had gone against my wishes in making the page. I have gone back and forth about this. On the one hand she was being sneaky in making the page but are there worse things that she could do? Absolutely! But at the same time she betrayed my wishes and did something that she knew I didn’t approve of, which just opens it all up to the bigger picture of trust and honesty.

It did, however, allow me to be able to sign into her page and see what the other kids her age are posting. At first it was all pretty harmless and then I saw that a couple of her school mates had posted pictures of them after they had been to the pool. They were standing with their phones in the mirror taking pictures of themselves in bikinis. Harmless? I don’t know about that. I don’t think that kids realize that once they put these kinds of picture up they are accessible to everyone. They can be used in ways that I am sure the girls did not intend or anticipate but that is why it is so important to be aware of what they are doing and posting for the world to see.

For now, our daughter at 13, fair or not, will not be allowed to have her own Facebook page. It is just a whole world for which I don’t think she is equipped to make the most appropriate decisions about how to handle her-self and others. Strict? Maybe. Playing it better safe than sorry? Most definitely.