In this technological driven age, new parents are faced with an assortment of anxieties and issues — whether caused from rise of disinformation, the development of new health issues, the increased danger of child predators, or simply the increasing speed of daily life — that the parents of the past may not have encountered. Luckily, however, the very technology that is responsible for some of the new anxieties and issues that modern parents face, is also responsible for helping parents combat these anxieties and issues. Below, for instance, are five of the best Apps available for new parents:

Nibaneba Baby Diary

Many-BabiesThis app enables new parents to track and log every activity of their baby including, but not limited to, diaper use, breast/bottle feeding times, weight and length growth, sleeping patterns, and both vaccination history and schedules.

Baby Watch

Baby Watch, though simple, acts as a baby monitor that will call whatever phone you choose any and every time your baby wakes up so you can listen in, from any location, to your baby to determine if its a false alarm or emergency.

Parent Education New Baby Care

This app provides new parents all the information and education — everything from how to dress, bath, and play with you baby — they need in easily accessed and read how-to guides that are based on the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) literature.

Child Growth Watcher

Calculating in both US and Metric measurements, Child Growth Watcher tells your child’s growth based on data from US CDC. You can see what percentile your child is in and also determine the overall health of your child in comparison to other children in the same age bracket.

WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby is an essential app containing more than 400 articles, 598 tips, 70 videos and 5 tools for any new parent who wants immediate health and wellness information that aligns with the child’s exact age, and — perhaps most importantly — the information it provides is both edited, updated and physician-approved.

With these five apps, new parents can now successfully use the very technology that has triggered an array of anxieties and issues unknown to parents of the past to combat those anxieties and issues. These five apps not only improve the lives of new parents living in this fast moving technological age, but they also improve the lives of their children.


Kandace Heller is a freelance writer from Orlando, Florida. In her free time, Kandace enjoys reading, writing and going to the beach. Kandace found information from  California cryobank useful while writing this article.