Tammy Bartholomew

After her military brat travels, Tammy Bartholomew settled in Boise, Idaho to start her life and family. There she received a Bachelor of Arts with emphasis in Graphic Design, working in the industry for 15+ years. A mother of 3 (twin boys, age 16 & a daughter, age 14), she was pleasantly surprised (more shocked) when then her husband of 17 years returned from his 3rd tour in Iraq & said “Go Find Yourself” – when she didn’t know she was even lost. In 2009, to recover from her divorce, one twin moving to WA to live with his father, her bestie moving to the Oregon coast and being laid off from the best job she ever had, Tammy started writing, ending with a series of poems called “Airing the Dirty Laundry, Lessons Learned by 40.” Currently, she is working to publish her poems and develop a blog site.

Tammy works to live and enjoys life at a slower pace. Spontaneous and a curious George, she takes time to enjoy the little things, likes dancing in her car at night, listening to music with her top open! Spending time with family/friends, playing tennis , fishing, an ocean siesta and taking walks are a few of her favorites. Currently, she contracts for companies doing administrative and marketing. She in the process of starting her own business and finding great venues to share her poetry and the experiences of her life.  Life is Great!!!

Read some of Tammy’s poetry here: