Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Every woman dreams of having a perfectly flat belly. Kids, stress, poor diets, lack of exercise…all of these contribute to a less-than-six-pack tight belly. I’m not sure six-pack abs need to be the goal of any woman, especially one that has had a baby, but if you want to improve your physique, focusing on the abs can help improve every aspect of your health and figure. A strong core improves your posture, helps to prevent back injuries, and ensures your organs are carefully protected.

Abdominal Exercise Routine One: Jackie Warner’s Crunch-Free A Exercises

The crunch is still an effective way to improve your core strength, but there are potentially more effective ways to get the job done, like this crunch free exercise plan from Jackie Warner as featured on

Abdominal Exercise Routine Two: Six Weeks to Six Packs?

absWomen’s Health Mag offers  a plan to get those elusive six packs in six weeks. Whether you actually achieve the goal or not, the exercises included in the plan provide a pretty comprehensive list of movements to help tighten your tummy.

Abdominal Exercise Routine Three: Get in Shape has slide share  their favorite ab workouts that offer some additional belly bulge beaters.

No matter what exercises you choose, the most important step you can take to being the healthiest version yourself is to start doing something every single day focused on YOU, whether you meditate, make better choices with food, or exercise more.

If you have a tried and true favorite, let us know!