Sip it and cut down!  It is definitely the right way to drink green tea. To obtain the precise natural essence in green tea, you could beat the heat with just a little tweak. Iced green tea does not lessen its beneficial nutrients, and has the same incredible advantages as hot green tea. Iced green tea is a perfect substitute for sports drinks that one may want to avoid because of calories.

Body Temperature and Hydration

iced green teaThe consumption of iced green tea during outdoor workouts gives the athlete much needed energy and hydration. On a hot summer day, iced green tea is an invigorating drink after any aerobic exercise. People who run in hot weather may need iced green tea to regulate body temperature. Dehydration is one of the primary issues during workout sessions. Excessive exertion may drain all the water from the body, which can be severely detrimental to health. A bottle of iced green tea while you work out serves not only as a tasty alternative to water, but also helps you regain hydration, while consuming minerals and vitamins necessary for the body.

Weight Loss

One of the many benefits of green tea iced is that it helps in the creation of enzymes that fight various kinds of bacteria in the human body. Drinking iced green tea also helps with mental alertness and cognitive skills because of its caffeine content. It is important to know that the ice content in the iced green tea may dilute the original essence of the hot green tea but the extra citrus in the tea compensates for that. Another one of the benefits of green tea iced is weight loss. If you combine exercise with a bottle of iced green tea, it helps increase the body’s ability to burn calories, enhancing the effectiveness of your workout. The catchin content in green tea increases the rate of metabolism, which in turn reduces fat in the body.

Immunity and Freshness

Exercise is very important to stay fit, however with a bottle of iced tea during your workout, you can make the day more energetic. The first and immediate benefit of drinking iced green tea during a workout is the sudden boost of freshness. This immediate feeling of freshness may be that extra motivation you need to go out there and work on your body. Another one of the benefits of green tea iced intake during workout is that it calms the body internally.

The sense of purification that the tired body feels is rejuvenating. Additionally, iced green tea contains plenty of vitamin C, since it is made from green tea leaves and has lemon. Vitamin C helps increase immunity. A heavy work out could sometimes reduce the body’s defense against pathogens, leading to a high probability of catching a cold if the weather is too cold. The intake of iced green tea would help avoid this by increasing immunity levels. Also, the caffeine content present in green tea helps stabilize the body’s blood pressure, while the caffeine energizes and provides speed and endurance required for exercise.

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