I’ll admit it. I went into the whole fast metabolism diet with a healthy level of skepticism. I mean, how many of us can honestly say we haven’t tried EVERY DIET OUT THERE only to wake up, look in the mirror, and decide we might as well eat pizza?

So as I started reading Haylie Pomroy’s book, “The Fast Metabolism Diet” thinking, “Ok, what can a skinny girl really tell me about losing weight? She has NO IDEA.”

Of course, I was wrong.

fast metabolism dietNot only is the book easy to read and well written, but it really spoke to me. It’s not about counting calories, because we all burn calories at different rates. It’s not about eating only salad for days on end, because even salad won’t help you lose weight if your metabolism isn’t working right. It’s not about starving yourself.

Wait a sec. A diet that doesn’t require you to starve?

The premise of Pomroy’s book, diet, and plan, is that your body needs to forget about starving, which actually lowers your metabolism, and it needs to know it will be nourished and fed reguarly in order to stop trying to store calories for when the sabre-tooth tiger jumps out at you and makes you run. (We’re dealing with some OLD issues here witho our bodies when it comes to stress, metabolism, exercise, and calorie burn).

Pomroy’s diet is brilliant, because ALL YOU DO IS EAT. A LOT.

And Pomroy’s book makes it easy to know what to eat when because for each phase (there are three) she provides an extensive list of approved foods as well as a chart that tells you when to eat and what type of exercise to include.

There are two very difficult (ok, impossible) parts to this diet for me: one, she says no coffee.

Um. Excuse me? Are you insane? (I would be if I didn’t have coffee).

Rule #2, abstaining entireley from alcohol, is easier, unless you’re a mom, in which case it’s almost as impossible (depending on the day and the level of chaos your kids are creating).

But what I like best about Pomroy’s book is that it talks to you like a human being. It’s not like, “Oh, you poor fat girl. So sorry you can’t lose the weight you want. What are you doing wrong?”

Instead, it helps you reeducate your body and your mind so that you can change your life.

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This is a sponsored post form SheSpeaks/Fast Metabolism Diet. I was provided with the book to review and benefit from my relationship with SheSpeaks. My review is an honest assessment of my experience.

4 thoughts on “The Fast Metabolism Diet – Reeducate Your Body

  1. I totally love this diet, In 1 week I lost 6.2lbs, I’m currently in my 2nd week and have already lost 1.4lbs. I would recommend this diet to anyone who has got stuck at a certain weight and can’t budge! I will however say I did have a slight headache a couple times ( sugar, caffeine withdrawals??) and had biscuit cravings at the end of phase 2! But I kept strong and so far so good! I have been a bit hasty in just starting the diet and have not read how to maintain my new weight when I get there or the what happens now I’m at goal weight stage. But I’m losing weight like never before, I’m not tired, never hungry and never been so healthy in ALL my 33 years of living!!

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