View from The Dragonfly’s Back

MomsGetReal Soul Feeder Chris Wilcox

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about thinking.  You may have noticed. 😉

Last week was the culmination of the biggest professional challenge of my life, and that’s not even a gross exaggeration.  It’s just reality.  My world for the last 10 weeks has been an all-consuming dive into my job in a way that would allow, once completed, for me to grow even more. I’m fresh off the biggest project EVER and have landed, square one, in old but new territory. I’m kind of doing the same job, but now have a team of people who will help because our company grew, overnight, to one 5x its previous size. Frankly, Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Which is making me giggle because I’m actually IN Kansas as I write this (Salina, to be exact).

dorothy toto and dragonfliesMy life for the last several weeks has been ALL work, zero play – to the point that I’ve actually offended people with my inability to commit to even having dinner (mixed in with all of this, I’m moving from Fort Worth back to Boise this week, and am sure the 24 hours of driving will provide a great deal of material – if only I’ll remember it).  And on top of just getting to this point, I’ve also been spending a great deal of time envisioning what the rest of this year needs to look like because now, I’ve got people who are going to rely on my telling them that as well.

What I’ve learned in this process is validation of one simple thing: my thoughts DID create this reality.

Seven years ago, when I was sitting in an office in June reading an internal announcement about who had been selected to be my boss, I was thinking, “I think I should have that job.” Not because the person whom they’d selected wasn’t excellent; she was (and still is) fantastic, but because somewhere in my heart, I heard this whisper that was saying, “You can do that – and you should.”

That’s my first and only key: listen to your heart – and not in the Roxette way of when “he” is calling to you, but when you are.

In your world, you know when you’re doing something that makes your soul sing. You lose track of time, you forget to eat, and you don’t notice your phone when it buzzes. Things like that. That’s when you’re stoking the fire of your soul’s purpose.

When you recognize that your heart is talking to you, listen up.

To hear it, you have to quiet down.

When you hear it, write it down.

When you write it down, carry it with you.

When you carry it with you, discouraging days become less so because you can open that piece of paper or note on your phone that shows you, “I live for loving to _____________.” For me, that blank is “write.”

What’s in your blank?

For me, it’s being exactly and precisely where I am.