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I used to think that kids with cell phones were a bad idea, until I realized how nice it was for my 11-year old son to have the freedom to ride his bike a little further than one block without me going crazy worrying about him (while his seizure disorder is cause for concern, it’s my active imagination that is the real issue). So, the cell phone is here to stay, and while I probably won’t be sending it to school with Parker when he starts 7th grade in the fall, it’s something that is now on the radar for the future.

So the kids have a cell phone now, and just last year, I finally entered the world of 3G. I love my BlackBerry, since it gave me 3G fun without having to jump right in and deal with touch screen technology. I even found a phone (the Curve) that was almost purple (my favorite color). Cell phones aren’t going anywhere, and digital technology is going to become the way we do just about everything. While functionality of the phone is crucial, I sure like it when I can also make it suit my personality?

Cell phones can have customized ring tones and wallpaper. Now, there’s a marvelous way to express individuality with your digital products with skins. Skins are customizable peel & stick covers for your phone and other digital devices. is a company that specializes in providing unique, personality-driven designs for personalizing cell phones and laptops. They offer a satisfaction guarantee and at the time of this posting, free shipping on orders over $40.

At, you can sort through a variety of designs, colors, and special themes and choose skins for your phones, mp3 players, laptops, handheld video games, and e-book readers. The skins are high quality, simple to apply, and affordable (even for someone like me, who is on the relatively non-functional side of digital technology).

One of the things I love most about my skin is that it gives my phone a little extra grip – and since I have an annoying habit of dropping my phone at the most inopportune times (even with insurance, Verizon does not replace cell phones dropped in bath tubs or toilets, I know).

Digital technology is here for the duration, so we might as well make it personal and fun – and does a great job from start to finish.  provided me with a skin for my BlackBerry so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.

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