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Our son, Kyle, was born with Down syndrome. One of the many challenges facing people with Down syndrome is weakness in the ligaments and muscles. For Kyle, this has resulted in some cute differences: his belly button is a floppy outy; when he eats a lot, his belly pooches out and he pats it like an old man; he can sleep folded completely in half with his head between his toes.

Unfortunately, over time it has also resulted in scarier problems, like difficulty swallowing & breathing at times. It also caused compression in his spinal cord that resulted in pretty severe motor damage, making it more difficult for Kyle to walk and limiting his mobility. About 18 months ago, Kyle had to have surgery to fuse his C1, C2, and C3 (cranial vertebrae) to prevent the compression from severing his spinal cord and killing him. Very scary stuff. We are grateful to the amazing staff and our physician, Dr. Rubery, for the excellent care – before, during and after the surgery – that Kyle has had.

Life goes on, but for us and Kyle, it is forever different. Kyle can no longer walk long distances; he tired after going the length of our front yard and back. We have a placard that allows us to park in handicap parking when he is with us, and we now have a wheelchair for Kyle so that he’s not limited in where he can go and what he can do by his own physical challenges.

From trips to the grocery store to a day at the zoo, the wheelchair has become a constant necessity for us to be able to get Kyle out of the house and into the community. We don’t mind…but it has been a learning experience.

  • It’s difficult to fit a wheelchair into the back of a van AND still fit suitcases or groceries.
  • The “transport” style wheelchair Kyle has currently does not provide adequate clearance for going through anything but paved terrain.
  • When you sit in a wheelchair wearing certain materials, your butt slides off the seat.

Kyle’s not totally wheelchair bound yet, but at the rate he is deteriorating, it is likely that it will become something we rely on more, not less. We refuse to let it get in the way of Kyle having the most fun and joy out of life possible, and while we’ve yet to figure out how to resolve the space issues in the back of the van, and we still need to find a better wheelchair, thanks to SafetyBunns, LLC, we can keep Kyle from sliding out of the chair.

SafetyBunns, LLC is a company owned by Barb Przybylowicz. She’s a former LPN with years of experience working with disabled and wheelchair bound patients. Slips and falls from wheelchairs are one of the most common causes of injury, so Barb set out to do something about it. The result of her efforts is a comfortable, non-restrictive pant for people who use wheelchairs.

These non-slip pants provide the friction necessary to allow a person to keep their seat in a wheelchair while still maintaining comfort. For Kyle, it’s a great solution when we’re out on day trips or traveling to places where he has to spend the day riding. He keeps a better grip on his chair, which helps put less pressure on his feet, reduces the risk of a slip or fall out of the chair, and puts our minds at ease.

The pants come in three colors: black, grey and blue and are available in small, medium, large, and extra large. The sizes run a bit to the small side, so if you’re on the cusp of two sizes, go with the larger size. The pants are a 50/50 cotton-polyester blend Jerzees brand pant with peel-resistant, machine-washable SafetyBunns slip resistant pads on the rear side. They’re a great solution to one of the many challenges facing those with mobility issues who rely on a wheelchair part-time or full-time.

SafteyBunns provided MomsGetReal with a pair of pants for review purposes.

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