“They Mystery of the Silver Statue”, written by Raymond C. Perkins Jr., is an inspirational story of two best friends. B.T. Stevens and Jimmy Martin are young sleuths whose unique differences bond them together. As the story unfolds we not only discover a piece of Vermont history, but we realize that everyone has different strengths that lie inside us.

B.T. is no ordinary child. At the age of five he underwent radiation to remove a cancerous brain tumor, and the procedure had lasting effects on his appearance and his self esteem. While he has many doubts about his abilities, there is no denying his analytic brain that lends itself to expertly figuring out brain teasers and most importantly mysteries. Jimmy is tall for his age and is known for his athletic success, and when it comes to solving mysteries he is the brawn of the operation.

Together B.T. and Jimmy run a neighborhood security business called J&B Securities, which is exactly how they got into the mess of a dangerous mystery. It was easy for them to spot unusual happenings within their neighborhood, and together they knew the surrounding land better than any criminal could. The peril and suspense that exist in this story make this an exciting read.

The author brilliantly addresses the bravery that B.T. draws upon not only to face the dangers of criminals, but the courage it takes to face the doubts within oneself. This story is based on Vermont history and real-life issues that individuals face every day, making it an indispensable read for students. In his story, Perkins cleverly demonstrates that strength lies in differences. It is clear that B.T. and Jimmy are both strong in their own ways, but they are even more successful when they join forces. This enchanting story is a must read for children discovering their own strengths and self worth.

The author  provided me with a copy of this book so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.