Getting Real With Tiana Green

It is not very often that I come across a product or service that just blows me away with its absolute amazement! However, recently I have come across two different products that have vastly improved my life and I wanted to share!

Free Credit Monitoring

credit sesameHaving worked in the banking industry for over 13 years, and having the parents that I do, I realize better than most the importance of a great credit score. I have always prided myself in being very aware of my credit report and score. While I do not claim to be perfect, I do try to watch my credit report with use of It is a great service that I highly recommend, BUT I have found another tool that is so much better!! I was very skeptical at first. Is it really FREE? Is it REALLY going to provide me my credit score and notifications as promised? Having used it now for the last couple of months I can tell you that it does! will provide you with a monthly credit score and overview of your credit report FREE! You can also set notification parameters that will notify you if you have a change in credit usage. I think it is completely amazing.

Free Web Protection

k9 web protectionThe second amazing service that I have recently discovered is the K9 web protection browser. If you have children that use the internet YOU NEED THIS SERVICE. The best part is that this is also a FREE service! Another most amazing feature is that it can be installed on computers, phones, and iPods. Needless to say I have it on every electronic my kids use with the internet. You have the ability to allow certain things if it restricts too much for older teens. I can monitor so much more effectively my children’s internet activity. I feel like my children are so much safer on the internet. Thank you K9!