“SOAR Through Anything Life May Bring” is an incredibly inspirational guide to life written by Jo Franz. Jo Franz is an award winning author and speaker who has been living with multiple sclerosis since 1977. Rather than let her health stop her, she uses her experiences to motivate others. Her book consists of 50 tips that will empower students and help them SOAR through all aspects of life.

“S.O.A.R.” is an acronym that is the basis of Franz’s teachings. Throughout this entire book these four main points are addressed and incorporated into living life to its fullest. She discusses denial, forgiveness, self worth, dreams, and so much more. Franz takes the reader on a journey to discover the strengths and weaknesses and motivates self improvement.

Often we give up on a dream before we have even tried due to the fear of failure. We let past experiences hold us back and let the world tell us that we can’t. Franz proficiently transforms this attitude into one in which the reader believes that they can accomplish anything. The author stresses the importance of knowing your limitations, while at the same time not limiting yourself due to what you see in others or the media. No one is perfect; everyone experiences fear at some point in time. Franz believes that life is full of unexpected setbacks and helps students learn to take what life throws in stride. Because life can change in an instant, Franz believes it is important to focus on the current moment.

Many high school and college students find Franz’s work incredibly helpful, using S.O.A.R. to  make better decisions about life choices concerning their future. Her proven strategies are simple, yet powerful, and can change the way the reader looks at life – regardless of age or situation.

Jo Franz inspires every life she touches. Every day is an adventure, and with these life tools, any student can learn to overcome the obstacles in their way as they pursue a successful and happy life.

Jo Franz  provided me with a copy of her book, SOAR,  so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.