Getting Real With +Shadra Bruce, Owner of +MomsGetReal

One of the worst things about extended road trips is finding ways to eat well. When you’re trapped inside a car for 6-8 hours, not only do you miss out on the physical activity you need but the tendency is to stop for fast food along the way. Our kids watched “Super Size Me” in health class, so we’re one step ahead in the battle against daily fast food meals.

Dave and I like to eat light on the road, but we also need to keep our energy up. Coming up with healthy foods when on the road can be difficult and costly…or so I thought.

Then I was introduced GoPicnic.

GoPicnic offers full meals in a box. These are not your every day lunchable-style meals. These meals are healthy, filling, high quality and priced better than most meals you’d find in a fast food restaurant.

Quite simply described in my favorite term for stuff that’s really awesome, GoPicnic ROCKS!

The GoPicnic meals address all of my nutrition concerns: They contain no high fructose corn syrup; they have no trans fat; they do not have to be refrigerated; each box is a complete, well-rounded, glucose-balancing meal.

My favorite is the salami and cheese meal, because the asiago cheese spread was to die for. I know, cheese spread that doesn’t taste like it was sprayed out of a can onto a cracker? Really, though, I felt like I could have been on a picnic in the French country side. The other meals we sampled – hummus and crackers, sunbutter and crackers, and salmon and crackers were all equally as delicious.

Each meal comes with a main course but also includes an energy-boosting trail mix, a nutrient rich side (such as real fruit bites) and a small-but-delicious satisfier for the sweet tooth (a square of dark chocolate, a small piece of almond rocha, and scrumptious dark chocolate cookie.)

When you’re on the go and don’t want to spend money on fast food that will simply drain your energy as it packs fat in all the worst places on your body, consider GoPicnic. A meal from GoPicnic for each member of our family- they range in price between $3.00 and $4.99 – costs MUCH less that feeding our family at McDonalds, Burger King, or any chain restaurant – and we can eat on the go with no guilt about what horrible things we might be putting in our bodies.

GoPicnic lets you be on the go without sacrificing health, nutrition, or flavor.

Oh-and the kids like them too.

GoPicnic provided MomsGetReal with meal boxes so that we could provide an honest and thorough review. You can review the official MomsGetReal FTC policy here.