Middle school and high school are busy times for students. Between classes, homework, extracurricular activities, and duties at home, staying organized is a daunting task. No student wants to accidentally neglect an assignment, and as a high school student, missing an important college application deadline can be stressful. Luckily, Eileen Roth, national speaker and author of Organizing for Dummies, has discovered a method of organization that is essential to students: The Take Action File and Student File System.

Eileen Roth knows that as humans, we forget even the most important of information. That is why she invented the Take Action File as a tickler system. A tickler system is made to trigger your memory and remind you that you have something to do. To aid students, the filing system includes labels for file folders and labels for tabs to attain maximum organization. The guide walks students through the best way to store information to ensure that papers are easily accessible when they are needed at a later date, as well as a list of the proper filing tools needed for success.

The Take Action File should be utilized as soon as possible after a student has received an important document. Roth also suggests that the same organization and storing methods should be used with email accounts as well. Within this filling system, information can be further broken down into whatever suits your needs best such as a To Do list, or a section for bills that need paid. Categories such as “To Call,” “To Discuss,” and “To Write” are only a few of the many subsections that are wise to implement.

After the Take Action File has been properly set up, it is time for a student to create the much more specific Student File System. Roth expertly points out that by color-coding files such as courses it becomes easier to organize. The information within the Student File System should include everything from school information, to personal information, to financial information. This system of organization will be extremely useful for when information is needed, and it can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.

Through Eileen Roth’s Take Action File and Student File System students can ensure that they are ready for school. Through this innovative guide Roth makes organizing information easy to understand and easy to do. This back-to-school essential can ensure that your middle or high school student is completely prepared, no matter how busy their schedule may get.

Eileen Roth  provided me with her Take Action File & Student File System so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.