Getting Real With Shadra (and Anika) Bruce

Daris Howard grew up on an farm in rural Idaho. Having lived in Idaho myself for 21 years, I know that his insight and experience is what makes his book, Super Cowboy Rides, so authentic and wonderful. Written for children, the book is a delightful treat for any age.

My daughter Anika, age 9, shares her thoughts:

I am reading Super Cowboy Rides. The first chapter is about a boy named Tommy, and he really wants a dog but his parents always say no. He thought that his parents had never had a dog until he saw a picture of a boy and a dog. He was amazed when he found out that the boy was his father! One day, his father said the family was going on a drive. The place they were going to was the Silverstien’s house. They went to the barn, and there were puppies! When Tommy found out that he could pick one of the puppies, he was very excited. This was the moment he’d been waiting for! He picked a boy, and they named it Tippy. When they got back to the house, Tommy’s older brothers set up a bed in the barn, but they had to move it because Tippy thought he was a calf. This is a great book! I can’t wait to finish it!

Daris Howard has a way with words. He writes books, plays, musicals, and short stories, as well as a popular weekly newspaper column called “Life’s Outtakes.”

One of my favorite books from Daris Howard is The Three Gifts. Centered on three young men who mug kids for their Halloween candy and get caught, it tells a poignant story about the men’s punishment: instead of jail, they are forced to babysit at a women’s crisis center for 100 hours.

Howard is delightfully funny, insightful, and a joy to read. Where he finds the time to be so prolific with his writing I’ll never know – he works as a math professor and he and his wife have ten children, eight daughters and two sons. He and his wife make their home in St. Anthony, Idaho and have been married for 28 years

On the road or curled up on a rainy day, Daris Howard writes books you’ll love to dig into.

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