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I am so thrilled to be hosting the launch of the Complicated Creatures Blog Tour!

Complicated Creatures by Alexi LAWLESS is ON SALE for 99 cents through AUGUST 31, 2014. Grab it now!!

Complicated Creatures_ebooksmA message from Alexi LAWLESS:


Welcome to the Alexi Lawless Complicated Creatures Part One Blog Tour! Thanks for stopping by.

Fun facts about Complicated Creatures:

  • Sam’s name was originally “Ray” for Rachelle and she was the amateur boxer, not Jack.
  • The first scene I wrote was the last scene of Chapter 2: Jack meeting Sam after watching her doing midnight laps in the pool.
  • The Whitney (the building Jack owns) is inspired by The Blackstone in Chicago, a gorgeous hotel I highly recommend.
  • I have to listen to music to write. It’s nearly impossible for me to get into “the zone” without it. If you’re interested, you can access my playlists.
  • Sadly, the brilliant A/P photojournalist Anja Niedringhaus, was killed in Afghanistan while I was finishing the book. I’d been a long-admirer of her work. She heavily influenced the career choice and shoot locations of the third main character of this book. R.I.P. to a phenomenal talent in modern journalism.
  • If Sam and Jack had a song, it’d be Mikky Ekko’s “Pull Me Down


Complicated Creatures Part One will be on sale for 99 cents on Amazon until 7pm June 27. It will be on sale for $1.99 June 27 at 7pm – June 30 at midnight.

Complicated Creatures Part Two is due out in August. Sign up to be part of the LAWLESS Ones here to receive Complicated Creatures 1.5 a FREE novella.

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Read an excerpt:

Sam considered why she was so taken with him, examining the puzzle pieces of what she knew about him in the short time they’d spent together. Jack didn’t downplay himself or over amp. He was smart without the pretentiousness; affable and humorous with the right amount of self-deprecation. He was aware of his attractiveness without being shameless about it. But what she liked most, what she was most surprised by, was how thoroughly he lived life without simply languishing on his good fortune and family name. Rather, he enhanced that fortune, working around the conventions that came with his family ties with a slight rebelliousness that was so subtle; one might never see past the high polish he was so good at presenting. In the quiet moments she’d spent getting to know him, she liked that Jack was so unexpectedly grounded despite all the trappings. She could see why women flocked to him, even beyond the physical gratification and the spoils. She couldn’t blame Rebecca for her lapse of composure at losing him. Jack Roman was the real deal, the total package. Any woman would be lucky to have him. And she did have him. For now… Read more.


Complicated Creatures Part One is the debut of a five-part series:

  • Part One, which is available now.
  • Novella 1.5, which will hopefully be ready sometime in July to people who sign up on my website.
  • Part Two, which will be available at the end of the summer.
  • Novella 2.5, which will come out in the fall.
  • The Prequel to Complicated Creatures which will be a full-length YA story about Sam when she goes to college, available around Christmas/New Year’s. And finally…
  • Part Three, the conclusion to the Complicated Creatures series, available this time next year.


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Corporate Runaway. Novelist. Wanderer. Bourbon Drinker.

LawlessAlexi LAWLESS has been a closeted writer for thirty-odd years—from way back when she was banging out stories on a Commodore 64 to her years writing the corporate strategies for some of the largest companies in the world. But it was two years ago, laid up after foot surgery, that she started to seriously consider whether it was time to come out as the novelist she’d always wanted to be.

Armed with a laptop and an around-the-world ticket, she quit the corporate scene and set out to see if her passion for writing was more than a pipe-dream. Less than a year later, Alexi’s debuting her first published novel, Complicated Creatures: Part One, with the second book due out this summer. And while you may catch her sipping a drink in Miami Beach, you’re more likely to find her indulging her nomadic tendencies somewhere in Latin America or Southeast Asia.

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