Melvia F. Miller has written two educational workbooks that are not only full of enlightening information but they are fun for younger children as well. “Alphabet Soup For Health” and “Do and Learn Eco-Fun-Book” are two great ways in which children can learn and become aware of the environment that they live in. Through games, activities, and exercises children can become healthy, knowledgeable, and eco-friendly.

“Alphabet Soup For Health” enlists letters of the alphabet to teach children about appreciating nature and about living a healthy life style, including eating foods that are good for you, exercising regularly, and getting regular physical health checkups. The main causes of sickness are listed to deter unhealthy behavior, and ways to prevent such unfortunate occurrences are provided. This workbook also discusses the plant cycle and our important our ecosystem is to our own survival. It urges children to realize that what we do to our planet we also do to ourselves.

The “Do and Learn Eco-Fun-Book” is also a great supplement to a child’s education. Similar to “Alphabet Soup For Health” this Eco-Fun-Book discusses the importance of being healthy and respecting our planet. What makes this workbook unique is the section educating children on different cultures throughout the world as well as a section focused on Black History Month. It teaches respect for other cultures and provides activities dedicated to help children understand that differences are what make our world a wonderful place.

Children do more than just read this information; they are encouraged to actively engage in the workbook. Both books have activities such as connect-the-dots, fill-in-the-blanks, and coloring pages. Children using these workbooks also have the opportunity to draw their own pictures and create their own stories based on what they learn. These workbooks are full of exciting activities that every child will enjoy.

Not only Miller’s workbooks encourage caring for the planet, but she also teaches children that our actions have consequences and we are all connected. These must-have workbooks are excellent for grade school children.

Marina Miller  provided me with the two activity books so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.