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Whether you have a son who loves trains or a daughter who adores butterflies, your child’s bedroom can be stylish, youthful and educational while adhering to your child’s unique tastes. Design a hip and functional bedroom for your toddler by following these five tips:

  1. Paint walls with colors that are calming and peaceful to encourage restful sleep. Real Simple recommends soft hues such as lavender for a serene environment. Colors can affect a child’s positive or negative mood. Light shades and pastels are not only soothing and relaxing but cheerful as well. Boys will feel at home in a pale blue or sage green room and girls can get cozy in a blush-colored or warm yellow room. Accent walls with jungle animals or flowers to add character.
  2. Hang stylish window blinds that work with your design. Window shades are essential for your child’s afternoon naps as they darken the room, block sunlight and provide a nighttime effect. Window shades come in a variety of colors and styles, including drapery, wood blinds and woven shades. Extensive options ensure that you can find a set that perfectly matches the interior-design of your child’s bedroom. Match the theme of your child’s bedroom with bright colors and earth tones. By installing trendy and colorful shades, you can bypass curtains altogether.
  3. Ask your child about their design opinions and what interests them. Pixar movies, superheroes and sports are typically exciting themes for boys and Disney princesses and Barbie are usually popular girl themes. Approach your bedroom remodeling project so that it’s an educational process that encourages your child to express creativity, learn decision-making and understand step-taking. With simple decision-making, your little one will have a vested interest in their bedroom’s design and learn valuable skills for their adolescent growth. Is your son drawn to comic bedding or a race car pattern? Does your daughter dream of sleeping underneath a bed canopy? Discover what interests your child.
  4. Add creative images and educational murals to the wall. Make homemade crafts with your child and display them as decor on bedroom walls. From holiday cards and sponge printing to paper towel drawings and food coloring finger painting, homemade arts and crafts fill unused wall space and display your child’s creative accomplishments. You can also paint walls with characters from favorite television shows or stencil an inspirational quote on the wall. Customize wall graphics to match a specific color scheme or personalize them with your child’s name.
  5. Include functional furniture that creates a specific type of space in the bedroom. For example, make a personal and cozy reading nook with monogrammed bean bag chairs and book shelves. Create a learning space with a round table, chairs and double-sided easel for drawing and other educational activities. Design your child’s bedroom so that it’s a personal place to sleep, learn and play.

The design should be fun and functional for the entire family. Remodeling your daughter or son’s bedroom is a great opportunity to bond with your child and inspire their creativity. As you choose a theme, select paint and shop for bedroom accessories, you will create memories and a valuable educational experience.