Most storage rental and moving companies provide handy checklists that can be used to plan your next relocation. These helpful lists typically include packing tips, reminders about contacting and confirming your scheduled appointment with your chosen moving company and ideas about streamlining the relocation process. However, a few simple changes in your everyday routine can also make the process easier and more convenient. Here is a checklist for moving that you can put into action now to prepare in advance for your next big change of residence.

Simplify your life
Most of us live in the midst of clutter and accumulated items that we may no longer need, want or use on a daily or even a yearly basis. By getting rid of some of these unused items, you can free up valuable space inside your current home. The process of reducing clutter can streamline cleaning and organizing to a considerable degree; additionally, discarding or donating unwanted items now can help to reduce the work necessary when it is time to move to a new home.

Maintain a home inventory
A complete and up-to-date home inventory list can be useful in a wide range of situations. After a storm, accident or break-in, this inventory can be used to bolster your insurance claim and to identify the missing, damaged or stolen items more quickly and accurately. Be sure to include the dates of purchase, serial numbers and brand names on your inventory list. Make at least two copies of this document; one should be kept inside your home, and the other should be stored in a safe location at your workplace or in a safety deposit box.

Picture this
movingTaking pictures of your most valuable items can also help you plan for a future move more effectively. By insuring household goods for their replacement value, you can protect yourself against unexpected financial losses in the event these items are damaged or lost on the way to your new home. Photographic records of these valuables can provide evidence of their existence and their condition if a claim must be made.

Research in advance
Checking the rates and reputations of local and national firms can help you to select the right company for your next move. Be sure to check back when the date is actually set, as many local companies offer short-term rates and promotions that may not be in effect at the time of your planned relocation. National companies typically offer more stability in both rates and services over extended periods of time.

By taking a few simple steps to prepare for your next move now, you can streamline the process and ensure that your relocation efforts are successful and less stressful whenever your big day occurs.

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