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Playrooms and children’s bedrooms are the best room in any house. It’s where the magic happens. It’s the room where superheroes live, the place where princesses have their castles, the place where little girls get to pretend to be mommy’s and little boys get to drive their cars all over the place. Playrooms are wonderful, but they can be messy. Clean up time is never fun, but with these tips, it can be a little easier to keep the room clean.

Tip One: Less is More

Cleaning UpThe best way to keep the room clean is to prevent it from ever getting dirty. A lot of kid’s rooms are overloaded with toys that are broken or outgrown and they just add to clutter. Get rid of toys that are no longer used, and don’t buy more toys without giving a few away first.

Tip Two: Teach Your Children To Clean

Why should you be the one cleaning when you didn’t even make the mess, right? Children as young as two can be taught to clean up after themselves. A good way to get kids to clean is to put on the same song every time it’s clean up time. There are lots of good “clean up” songs that work well. You can teach a child that every time this song comes on, it’s time to clean.

Tip Three: Everything In Its Place

Have a place for everything in your playroom. Buy tubs to hold like toys. That way, when you child wants to play with a specific toy like kitchen toys for example, he or she doesn’t have to dig through tons of toys to get to the kitchen toys. There will be just one box full of kitchen toys.

Tip Four: Get A Storage Unit

Do you have some toys that you really don’t want to get rid of, but your kids just don’t play with them anymore? Consider getting a storage unit to get those special toys out of the way, old toys that your kiddos have grown out of, and anything else that’s just clutter. Because really, who needs three sets of Legos taking up space?

Tip Five: Get In A Routine

Kids love routine. They like to know when and what they are going to be doing. If your child knows that every day before lunch their room gets cleaned and each day before bedtime the room gets cleaned again, they will come to expect it and they will even help you clean. See tip number two for more help getting your child to help with the cleaning.

Those are just a few tips to help keep your child’s room organized. The biggest thing to remember is not to get frustrated if it’s messy sometimes. You have a growing child, after all.

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Rianne Hunter is first, a mother to three boys, and second, an avid writer. Currently residing in Riverside California, she’s been writing since she was a little girl, and aspires to be a published novelist one day.


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