You have green dreams for your children. Chances are, they have their own dreams as well – most kids want to grow up and make something of themselves. However, they might not see the big picture. They probably don’t realize that they can make a difference in the world AND make a name for themselves, and that not making conscious decisions to better the world might lead to them actually hurting the planet. If you’re intent on making sure your kids lead a green lifestyle in their professional endeavors, you should know a few things. The following is what I learned when my child told me he wanted to start his own business.

Decode The Terms
For many children, a phrase like “green entrepreneurialism” is really overwhelming. They probably don’t have a full understanding of what these two words mean by themselves, let alone when they’re meshed together! Explain exactly what both the green movement and entrepreneurialism are. Show them in real life what being green means and what it takes to go into business for one’s self. Once you have mastered the definitions of the two separate terms with them, work to blend them together into one.

Green Volunteer Projects

In order to inspire a love for something in children, encourage them have hands-on experience in it. Therefore, you need to check out some green volunteer projects in your community. The town might be getting together to clean up a local park, or a movement to encourage more recycling might be ripe for the taking. Whatever the case may be, explain to your children how the plan started and how it’s going to continue to bring the neighborhood success.

Craft Unique Plans
Once your children have participated in an earth-friendly project, incorporate entrepreneurial tasks in to the mix.  Remember, when kids are young, you need to break things down. Even for a middle school or high school student, all of this at once can be a little bit overwhelming or confusing. Ask your children if they have any ideas that could be used to create a greener environment. They might want to propose a small business, or they may wish to tackle another project in the neighborhood. Help them to craft a plan in the early stages of this inquiry, from start to finish.

Taking it Further
If you really want your children to get a taste of how entrepreneurship works, guide them through the process. Start by contacting the appropriate authorities to see if the project can be put into action. If the answer is yes, then you can work with your child to put together a task force to accomplish the goal. Sometimes, the answer is going to be no. This can be an important lesson for your children to learn. In certain cases, they’ll have to revise their plans or seek out a new avenue for implementing them.

School Connections

Check to see if any similar programs are available at your children’s school (or another nearby one). They might have a club that focuses on volunteer efforts, or your children may be able to take courses that prepare them for a world of environmentally-friendly businesses. Stretching those connections as much as you can is a great way to provide all of the necessary information to your children.

Joseph Rodriguez writes about all things related to green living. His recent focus has been on identifying the best online colleges with environmental science programs.