I am all for saving money and cutting back everywhere possible, but when my husband and I recently purchased a storage shed for our back yard to hold the lawn care and miscellaneous items (all my stuff I can’t bear to part with) I will tell you now, that paying for the installation of this shed was about the best money we have ever spent. Of course, our intentions began quite reasonably with looking at the larger plastic Rubbermaid-type shed. And then, before you know it, we were looking at the wooden sheds because they would last longer and hold up better in the wind and snow that we face every winter. Right? So, it is again, a small project that has turned into a much larger undertaking than we had originally anticipated.

I am able to justify price of the installation as I run my paint brush up and down painting our (should have been plastic and ready to go) nice wooden shed. Given the time that we have invested in painting the shed I cannot even imagine adding the 14+ hours that it took two men who knew what they were doing to actually install it and put the thing together! Thankfully, I realized the value of paying for installation prior to us attempting it ourselves. I took one look at the instructions and parts list online before the shed was delivered and knew that this was not something we should even contemplate attempting ourselves.

So I definitely encourage and search for ways to save money and cut back on costs and miscellaneous expenses, however, I don’t think that you can put a price on the preservation of our sanity. So if any of you are in the market for a shed, the shed made from wood and not plastic is worth its weight in gold. You just have to be prepared to write a check and put in a little work yourselves!

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