Save Big Bucks on College Texts with!

We only have one kid in college right now, and even though she gets grants, scholarships, and financial aid to offset the cost of attendance, it’s still a financial drain, and we’re always looking for ways to save money and help her save money. When RentScouter suggested that Kira could save a bundle by renting books through their site, I said, “Prove it.”

He did. And, her books are already rented for next semester – at a savings over her typical bookstore purchase of more than $200!! That is a whole new college wardrobe you know. Or at least a few pairs of shoes and some jeans. As Kira says, “WOOT!”

Here’s the proof (click on the image to enlarge & see the whole thing): is a leading price comparison website that helps students (and parents) get the best price buying, selling, or renting textbooks, ebooks, video games, or electronics. Featured on CNN, WSJ, and Clark Howard, every search brings you a number of comparisons that lets you choose the best deal for your budget, whether you want to own or rent your text books.

The proof is in the actual savings we received. Ordering Kira’s books was a simple process; she has a 15 day grace period to get them returned after the end of her semester. There is optional (inexpensive) insurance available to cover loss, theft, or damage to the rental books. Shipping – both ways – is free, but to take advantage of free shipping and still get the books in time for classes, I’d suggest ordering in the next few weeks. However, you can upgrade the shipping for a nominal fee to get the books in a hurry if you need to.

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Student Success Is Easier With Klein’s Classes

Klein’s Classes, which features “Skills for Students’ Success: Organization, Study, and Writing Skills,” were developed by Audrey Klein. Klein is an author and teacher who was frustrated by the fact that students in her class were hindered in their academics by the lack of basic skills pertinent to success.Students were typically unorganized and had little idea of how to prepare for a writing intensive assignment or exam. Klein created a multi-pronged solution to help students achieve better academic success.

Klein’s Classes offers eight online classes dedicated to helping students gather the tools they need for success in the classroom. There are many different attributes taught such as note taking, effective study skills, and finding your own voice when writing. Tutoring and classes are available at various times that cater to your child’s busy schedule. Klein’s 20 years of teaching experience .

There are different packages available when investing in Klein’s Classes. These essential tools to supplement classroom learning are very affordable and often less expensive than a private tutor. Classes can be bought separately, or as an entire set at a discounted price. The most impressive deal available consists of access to all eight online classes, the Skills for Students’ Success book, and the Student Success Kit. The Skills for Students’ Success book goes hand in hand with the teachings online, and will reinforce what the students have learned.

The Student Success Kit is optimum for learning organization, and is indispensable to students entering a new school year because it also comes with many needed supplies already intact. The handy zip-up binder ensures that everything will stay in place, and the hardcover protects all the important items inside. A calculator, as well as multiple pockets, is built right into the binder and a pencil case already equipped with writing utensils and note cards is included. Colorful tabbed folders make certain that papers are in their proper places and writing paper is present within every section. The Student Success Kit is ready to go the first day of school with everything your student could possibly need.

Klein’s Classes are a must-have for the upcoming school year. Not only will your student be more than prepared with the Student Success Kit, but they will learn all the necessities needed in order to be successful in school. With Klein’s Classes they will go beyond what is taught in the classroom and learn tools that they will be able to implement throughout the rest of their lives.

Audrey Klein  provided me access to her online programs and a student success kit so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.

College Bound High School Girls, You Need This Book!

5 Must Know Secrets For Today’s College Girl,” written by Lauren P. Salamone, is an interactive guide that every high school girl should read to ensure success through college. This book takes the reader through 5 steps, breaking it down into further subsections, and allows the reader to analyze the information provided.

Salamone’s message is clear: be yourself and do what you love. There is little point in selecting a major that coordinates with another person’s wants and needs instead of your own. She emphasizes that success in college is dependent upon what you put into your education – what you put in is exactly what you will get out of it. As imperative as it is to maintain personal goals, Salamone encourages young women to not ignore the tools and people that are available to aid in the college experience. These resources are in place to help improve the college experience and allow every student to reap all the benefits accessible to them.

One of the most important aspects of the book is that it addresses the incredibly important aspect of keeping your body healthy. If you are not at your best physically, your academics will also suffer. Many incoming students gain weight and adopt bad sleeping and study habits. As time goes on these bad habits lead to multiple consequences and become a cycle of failure that is hard to escape from. By establishing healthy physical habits, you can ensure that your mind will be performing at its best.

Salamone focuses on the often untapped power of positive energy that exists in every girl. Whatever your expectations are you will most likely meet them; therefore one should make certain those expectations are positive ones. This incredibly helpful book guides the reader through important tips and valuable information that will pave the way to success. Within every section the author discusses, the book provides a useful area in which they can put what they have learned into action.

Within this book the author discusses key aspects of success essential to young women and their ability to perform at top levels. “5 Must-Know Secrets for Every College Girl” goes into detail that is not only easy to understand but also provides successful tips that are easy to implement.

Salamone goes beyond the obvious needs of a student’s academic endeavors and attends to the needs of a still maturing young woman. By addressing the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs, the author creates an indispensable tool for those entering this critical period of life. This is a must-have for junior and senior high school girls preparing for college.

Author Lauren P. Salamone provided me with a copy of her book so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.

Give Bullies the Flick with The Cardboard Girl by Marika Spaseska

The Cardboard Girl,” written by Marika Spaseska, is an inspirational story about a little girl dealing with bullying. Bullying happens much too often in schools and Spaseska gives young children the opportunity to take control over what is happening in their lives. Through this encouraging story the reader learns many life lessons and gains an understanding of others.

Erin is a sweet girl who wants nothing more than to be friends with the girls in her class. She is always kind to others, but typically remains incredibly shy. She is an easy target for those intending to inflict hurt, and she is powerless to defend herself against the attacks of Brooke, the school bully. Every day Erin is the victim of a new assault whether it is verbal or physical, and she feels helpless to change the situation. Her family is of no help, and her teacher only makes matters worse. She slowly fades away inside herself, desperate for help but unable to find it.

Spaseska presents Cora: a wonderfully bright girl who has special powers to help others. Through her cardboard outfit, Cora brings hope and peace to any who enters her midst. Cora is the only one willing to help Erin, but Erin is filled with such despair that she rejects Cora’s advice. Throughout the story we watch as Cora works to unfold the courage that Erin held inside herself all along.

The author skillfully reminds us that although bullies are a problem, there is often reasoning behind their terrible actions. While it is not excusable to treat others with disrespect, the author reveals that everyone has their own insecurities and problems. Brooke’s character is expertly depicted throughout the story, and Spaseska leaves subtle hints as to underlying issues she might possess.

The Cardboard Girl” is a powerful story is a must read for young children, especially those entering a school age where bullying might become a problem. The author eloquently demonstrates the hardships and misunderstandings of children not yet capable of comprehending all their emotions. The reader is inspired by Cora’s generosity and spirit, and touched by Erin’s newfound strength. The compassion etched through this heartfelt story makes it an enjoyable read for any age.

Author Marika Spaseska provided me with a copy of her book so that I could provide my honest review. No monetary compensation was provided.

Good for You Girls is Good for Your Skin!

What do you get when you combine two moms with six daughters between them and a philosophy that says natural beauty is best? In this case, you get a series of phenomenal skin care products designed for – and safe to use on – tweens that women of any age will appreciate from Good for You Girls™.

Back to school means (yes, even at the tender age of 8, like my daughter) thinking about making the right impression, and having clean and clear skin is certainly one of the things girls have on their minds. What I LOVE about Good for You Girls™ is their overall message: “By creating Good For You Girls™ skincare, we hope to give girls the confidence to face the world, knowing how truly beautiful they are on the inside and the outside. True beauty comes from within. Respect yourself and take time to see the beauty in others.”

The company believes in achieving beautiful skin the natural way and all of their formulas, in addition to being Gluten-free and vegan, use

NO Parabens
NO Sulfates
NO Phthalates
NO Propylene glycol
NO Mineral Oils
NO Silicone
NO Synthetic Fragrance
NO Dyes

My daughter, Anika, is too young to wear makeup to school, but as a dancer, she spends plenty of time caked in the stuff for performances, and thanks to genetics, inherited my oily skin, so she has already had a few pimples. Skin care – washing off makeup, keeping skin clean, using sunblock, and celebrating natural beauty – are all common conversations.

Good for You Girls™ blemish wash is one of the first products I’ve found that my daughter can use on her skin every day without me having to worry about irritation from chemicals or harsh additives.

What I wasn’t expecting when we tried Good for You Girls™ blemish wash was how well this product worked on my 40-year old skin and my other daughter’s 21-year old extremely sensitive and dry skin. Wow!

My favorite part is that after washing, there is no film or residue left on my skin. My skin feels clean, looks younger, and since I started using it, I’ve been less inclined to bother with makeup at all – something my skin is thrilled about. Kira, my 21 year old daughter, says she loves it because even after a thorough washing, her skin does not turn red and blotchy like it does with most cleansers she’s tried. Anika loves being able to have a skin care regimen like her mom and older sister that doesn’t make mom worry about what might be inside the bottle!

I highly recommend this product – and not just for your tween!

Good for You Girls™ provided me with a sample of their blemish wash so that I could provide my honest review of the product. No monetary compensation was provided.

Blast Back to School with Delicious New After School Treats

I grew up in an ice-creaming eating family. My dad has worked for a dairy my entire life, so ice cream was a staple all year long. The tradition has continued with my kids, with ice cream being one of our favorite treats.

Going back to school in New York happens when the weather is still hot, and our school doesn’t have air conditioning. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long and hot, brain-draining day than an ice-cold popsicle to get the kids in gear for homework and after-school activities. Popsicle® has some fabulous new flavors out that the kids can’t get enough of – Popsicle® Airheads and Popsicle® Jolly Ranchers.

My weakness has and always will be a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and cashews, and Breyers makes some of the best vanilla ice cream in the world. (I dare you to resist their extra creamy, smooth & dreamy fat free vanilla – it’s perfect for those moments when you just need to indulge.

Breyers® has some new flavors out, though, that put vanilla on the back burner. Breyers® Blasts! are a delicious new spin on an old favorite, incorporating cookies, candy, heath bars, Reeses, and Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie dough and other favorite treats (my favorite is Oreo) for a tempting tastebud twist. Choose from 12 different flavor blasts and make after school a time to celebrate.

But let’s get real here…the real celebration is going to happen when you shoo the kids out the door and get that first peaceful day without the “I’m boreds” and the “Can we get out the Slip n Slide?” That’s when Klondike® is the best thing to have in the house. They have a yummy new mint chocolate chip flavor which is to die for, but I still love the original Klondike Bar best.

Unilever provided me with coupons for free products in order for our team to be able to review their new flavors. No monetary compensation was provided, and the opinions contained in this review are genuine.

Teen Girls Are From Mars, Right? The Attitude Girl Can Help

`Does your teenage daughter go sweetly through life, never causing you an undue moment of stress, a grey hair, or a desire for a very large glass of wine?

If you said yes, I’d be curious to know what planet you came from.

Any parent who has a daughter older than 18 months knows what a roller coaster ride raising girls can be. I’ve always believed that my three boys were easier than my two girls. Now, there’s a book that can give teen girls and their parents a glimpse of the turmoil that causes teen girl attitude.

The Attitude Girl,” written by Mila Bernadkin is a story that addresses the tumultuous life of a teenage girl. As Bernadkin skillfully guides the reader through the life of 17 year old Victoria Benson, we witness the tribulations that many teenagers share. However Victoria, better known as Vicky, possesses quite the attitude that at times surpasses the norm.

The author portrays the social life of a teenage effortlessly. Vicky has a few close friends whom she cannot imagine living without but no matter how strong, all friendships experience difficulties. With raging hormones around every corner close friends are bound to fight. These same hormones are responsible for a young girl’s issue with young boys. Bernadkin expertly displays Vicky’s turmoil considering the boy she cares for, and demonstrates in many ways how Vicky’s attitude builds walls against more than just love.

As if being a teenager was not hard enough, Vicky faces many additional pressures from all sides. Bernadkin goes beyond interpreting the average dilemmas of a young female adult, such as love and sex, drugs, and finding individuality. The author delves deeper into heavy issues such as a family abandoned by her father. Not only is the family left in financial ruin while her mother struggles to pick up the pieces, but illness strikes within the family as well. Vicky and her mother often do not see eye to eye, but they are all the other has.

Bernadkin leads us through Vicky’s turbulent life and allows us to truly experience the  hardships of this young girl. It is an enlightening coming of age story and expands the reader’s understanding of why teenagers may feel the need to lash out the way they do. The author beautifully illustrates lessons that everyone should learn and know: harsh attitudes are often a defense against a world that many are struggling to grasp.

The Attitude Girl” is a must read, not just for teenage girls but for their parents as well. Through Bernadkin’s writings a new bond between mother and daughter can be discovered. This story relates to every girl. Bernadkin eloquently expresses the story of a genuine girl who develops into a mature young woman.

“Mila” Bernadkin draws on her experience as a teacher, mother and advanced graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature to identify with the tremulous world of confusing emotions and mixed messages of “maturity” today’s teens live in as they feel their way through the process of becoming young adults. Mila provided a free copy of her book to me so that I could adequately review and provide my honest opinion.

Helping School Age Kids Identify and Express Emotions

Do your kids ever seem off-kilter when they come home from school or pre-school but can’t tell you what’s wrong? Do you find it difficult to help them express their feelings?

Ava Parnass has written two books to help parents navigate those early expressions of emotions and help kids work through issues like hurt feelings and missing mommy and daddy. (See all of her extraordinary work here).

Where Did My Good Mood Go?” introduces Mushy and her book of emotions, a useful tool in helping children identify what they are feeling. In the story, when a child is having a bad day and cannot find their good mood, Mushy gives both the child and the parents a way to understand and express feelings. Written in clever rhymes with extraordinary illustrations by Kate Kiminski, this book is perfect for your pre-K – 2nd grader who needs a little help identifying and explaining how they feel when they’ve had a bad day. Sometimes, a child just needs someone to listen and understand the insecurity that comes from being away from mommy and daddy all day.

My Feelings Are Hungry” is a children’s story that concentrates on exploring the feelings that young children do not always know how to express. The story begins with Rebecca returning from a very bad day at school. As the day goes on those bad feelings only seem to get worse, and nothing will make things better. With Rebecca feeling unloved and confused by so many different emotions that she has no idea how to respond, she resorts to what many of us do when our emotions get out of control: eating tremendous amounts of unhealthy food. However, once Mushy, a helpful friend, walks her through her emotions, she discovers that talking about the day feels much better than eating.

This book urges children to sit down and speak to their “grown-ups” and others throughout the day who hurt their feelings. It is a great tool for parents in helping their children understand their emotions and reminds mothers that sometimes all their children need is reassurance that they are loved.

Both of these books are great for reassuring kids that it is ok to miss someone and to have bad feelings.

Ava Parnass has been a child and family psychotherapist for over 15 years and a strong advocate for a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle. She developed these products entirely with the children in mind to help them better communicate their thoughts and feelings to their parents and loved ones in order to grow up in a healthier environment.

Ava Parnass provided me with free digital copies of the books in order for our team to be able to review them. No monetary compensation was provided, and the opinions contained in this review are genuine.